The Pirate Party Demands European Response To PRISM Scandal

/ 5 years ago


The PRISM “scandal” originating the USA has triggered public outcry in the USA as well as across the world. The Pirate Party who are very much anti-American due to the long history of copyright battles have today revealed their AntiPRISM website and call to action against PRISM.

The Pirate Party firstly state that they are appalled by the PRISM program and have applauded Edward Snowden for his actions in revealing these things. They have then also demanded that European countries treat Edward Snowden sympathetically and allow him Asylum.

“In light of this situation, it is important that the European Union, rather than remaining complicit with this abuse of powers that comes at an untenable cost to society, becomes a worldwide beacon for digital rights and privacy protection, government protection and whistleblower protection”

Furthermore they demand to know the extent of European involvement in PRISM and request a European Parliament Committee to investigate the extent of PRISM and which EU bodies had knowledge of and active involvement in the PRISM program. As you might expect they Pirate Party also demanded any European surveillance programs be scrapped and that we need an international treaty on the freedom of the internet and appropriate data protection.

Image courtesy of AntiPRISM

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One Response to “The Pirate Party Demands European Response To PRISM Scandal”
  1. d6bmg says:

    Look who’s demanding what? 😛
    Pure sarcasm.

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