The ‘Post Modern Skateboard’ is All Skate, No Board

/ 3 years ago

post-modern skateboard

With hoverboards still proving frustratingly impractical, designers are finding other ways to reinvent the humble skateboard. Enter the Post Modern Skateboard; ‘Post Modern’, presumably, because this skateboard has no board to speak of.

Instead, the Post Modern Skateboard is comprised of two 10-inch wheels with foot platforms housed within their radii, positioned at a right-angle to each foot, which can either be free-floating or connected by an adjustable rod. The design and alignment makes the ‘board’ more like a pair of sideways inline skates than a skateboard, or at least the bastard child of the two, though similarities with a caster board have not gone unnoticed.

post-modern skateboard 2

The Post Modern Skateboard is priced at $100 and is available from Hammacher Schlemmer.

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