The Steam Summer Sale is LIVE!

/ 4 years ago


Grab your wallets, throw money at your monitor, the Steam summer sale madness has begun! It’s running from today (19th) until the 30th June.

Get ready for amazing bargains, insane flash sales and incredible daily deals! We can all guarantee that we’ll be broke by the time the sale has ended!


What a great way to kick off the sale! These are the first daily deals of the sale and I can already feel the money just walking out of my wallet.

GO! Go now, spend spend spend! You can get to the store here! (beware of every PC gamer ever trying to access the store at the moment! Some problems may occur!)

Let us pray to our lord and thank him for these deals!

Our Gaben, who art at Valve,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy ideas come, 
thy games be done, 
on PS3 as it is on PC’s.
Give us this day our daily deal,
and forgive us our infractions,
as we forgive those who troll against us. 
And lead us not into flaming, 
but deliver us from Moderators. 
For thine is the Valve, 
and the keyboard,
and the mouse, 
for ever and ever,

Gabe N.

Have mercy on our wallets and savings Gaben!

Good luck guys!

What games are you hoping to snap up in the sale? Let us know!

Image courtesy of IBTimes.

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2 Responses to “The Steam Summer Sale is LIVE!”
  1. Hieverybody ! says:


  2. charley machicote says:

    Steam always has great buys !!1 sale lets get some new games cheap

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