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The Street Fighter II CPU Was A Big Dirty Cheater!

On home consoles or in arcades, there are few games as iconic as Street Fighter II. Particularly those that emerged in the earlier 90s. While playing another person was great fun, there was always the challenge of fighting your way through all the characters in single-player to beat M. Bison. Something I have incidentally done on the hardest difficulty with Ryu. Albeit mostly just by spamming Hadouken’s.

Following the release of a video by YouTuber ‘Desk‘, however, it has been revealed that if you thought that the CPU had somewhat of a perceived advantage, then it turns out you were right. You see, the AI didn’t have to play by the same rules as me and you!

Street Fighter II CPU is a Confirmed Cheater!

So, how does it cheat exactly? Well, largely it’s based on breaking or bending the rules in which we (as humble human players) get confined to. This can result in instant attacks for a CPU that usually requires a human to ‘charge-up’ (such as Guile’s kick) and also by it simply ignoring your attacks to counter you with a free hit.

All in all, it proves one thing. The CPU in Street Fighter II had to use cheats to beat you!

What Do We Think?

Well, it’s swings and roundabouts really. Yes, the CPU might cheat you, but to beat the game on its hardest setting you do generally have to rely on some pretty cheap tactics yourself. Let us not forget as well, this was originally an arcade game. As such, these were (nearly always) designed to eat as much of your money as possible.

For me, while I found the video amazingly interesting, it doesn’t dilute the fact that this is, still, one of my most beloved games. Even if the CPU is a big cheating loser!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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