The U.S. Army have a go at another ‘game’

/ 6 years ago

Back in May, the U.S. government commissioned a “game” for the cost of 57 million dollars. RealTime Immersive Inc. was awarded with the contract which gave birth to the “Dismounted Soldier Training System“.

According to PC Gamer, everything about this simulator is cutting edge, all except the hardware. GamePro got an interview with the director of strategic programs at Intelligent Decisions, Floyd West, who stated:

“With CryEngine 3 being used for Crysis 2 and the capabilities that game engine provides, it allows us to make the most realistic simulation possible. We’re able to transport soldiers to accurately recreated locales like Afghanistan and Iraq, where we can simulate everything from visuals to 360-degree sound.”

Through this simulation, the trainees will wear the virtual reality headset which will run from a backpack unit similar to the some of today’s top gaming laptop. This unit, called the ‘Man Wearable Unit’, won’t be running on an off-the-shelf high-end laptop, but the internal hardware will be composed of off-the-shelf hardware that civilians can acquire themselves.

While the hardware used can be very similar to any gaming rig around, the simulator is rather exclusive to the military which will help new recruits in training, and who knows, maybe it could also help veterans prepare for future missions as well.

While we cannot have access to the ‘game’ (for now, who knows?), we can still have a look at the trailers and wonder if our own rig could run something of the kind.

Here’s the first trailer:


And here’s the second one:



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