The Witcher 3 Leaked Details Reveal One of Several Areas Is 64km!

/ 3 years ago


The Witcher 3 has suffered a massive leak this week, with internal design documents being stolen and finding their way online. This is obviously a bad thing for CD Projekt Red, the developer behind the series, but great news for fans who have been clamouring for more information on the upcoming RPG epic.

We all knew the game was going to be “freaking-huge”, but we had no idea just how big it really would be.  The map of the island of Ard Skellig clocks in at a staggering 64 kilometres squared, which is certainly a lot of territory to explore, but that’s said to be just one of the areas you’ll be exploring in the game, albeit this is one of the biggest. You’ll still have Novigrad and No Man’s Land to explore and we expect they’ll be pretty hefty in terms of land mass.

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There have obviously been a lot more leaks from these documents, but I hate being “that guy” in terms of plot spoilers, but you can find loads more information floating around on Reddit. Personally, I think I’ll wait to see what lurks in the gargantuan maps on my own when the game is release later this year, but given that the game is around 65x the size of the Witcher 2 and has 32 possible endings, it may take me quite a long time to see everything this game has to offer.

Thank you IGN for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of PC Gamer.

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  • Matthew Humpherson

    Really cant wait for this game! Other than the fact it will make my PC cry…

    • mr2k9

      PC not cry, it just shed manly tears…