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The Witcher 3 Mod Adds Huge Destruction Magic!

Tired of the usual spells in The Witcher 3? I wasn’t either, at least until I saw this mod. Basically, it takes the regular spells and signs and gives you much more amped up destruction spells instead. Why cast a simple fire spell when you can cast meteors. Not a fan of space rocks? How about a tornado? A golem then? Your choice!

How to Use Them

Basically, you equip them in your slots, allowing you to unlock these mighty super-destruction powers. Albeit the mod requires you to buy the items from novigrad and ofieri merchants. They’re all lore-friendly though, despite what you might think, which makes them even more awesome. Of course, if you want the stock spells back, just unequip them, so no fear of breaking the games natural functions.

Where to Get Them

For those wanting to download the mod, you can do so here. It’s called “Magic Spells for Signs for The Witcher 3.” You can thank modder “menschfiend13” for their hard work on this one.

What the Modder Had to Say

“This mod wouldn’t be possible without marvellous Spell Tomes DLC.
Unfortunately with the last update it became incompatible with the abovementioned mod. And, probably won’t be compatible with any mod modifying signs script files. Unless merged manually without script merger, but do that at your own risk.

The mod brings in new magic items that modify/replace signs abilities when equipped in quick and/or trophy slots. Except for the The Sword Ring. They can be bought from ofieri and novigradian merchants, or just use the console command: witchermage.

Each of the items has unique descriptions to connect them with the game lore. Some items are trophies and other are quickslot items, so they can be combined, giving different effects to signs. In order to make spells work, place quickslot items in your quick slot (where the torch is). Simply choose one, like you choose bomb or crossbow, and trophy items in your Roach trophy slot, then use corresponding sign; to use spells which modifies the alternate cast you need the proper sign skill equipped in the skill tree. If you need to use standard vanilla sign’s effect, just choose torch, bomb or crossbow, and unequip a tome from the trophy slot.

If you have for example spell of invisibility in trophy slot and the spell of assassin chosen in quickslot, then the assassin effect will be applied; to apply invisibility just choose crossbow or bomb instead of assassin tome.

Not all of the functions are described in the ingame descriptions, because there’s simply not enough screen space, so be sure to read all the info about spells below.”

Peter Donnell

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