Thecus Announces iPhone based NAS management App

/ 6 years ago

Thecus already deployed a couple of mobile applications: Thecus Dashboard for remote monitoring and ThecusShare for media streaming. With Thecus-Disk, Thecus releases multi-purpose, simple and powerful new software in order to facilitate file browsing, management and access from your mobile device.

After logging in, you’ll have access to all your shared folders and contents. Once there, everything is possible: copy, paste, rename, delete, and create a new folder. The way the file is consulted depends on its nature: PDF can be downloaded, movies can be streamed, and pictures can be viewed.

With the deep download feature, it’s even easier to get an offline access to your files: select a folder, touch on deep download and the NAS will start sending everything to your mobile device. When reactivated, this smart feature only downloads what’s new on the NAS to save time and bandwidth. 

Applications are endless: watch movies on your tablet at home, bring important files to meetings with you, and browse family pictures. To be even more comprehensive, ThecusDisk allows you to attach your files using the iOS email client: just tap and send. And, for iTunes users, it’s also possible to use the “File Sharing” feature in order to transfer files in or out from a computer or another iOS device. Thecus is constantly working on new features and improvements. Stay tuned for more functions.

Download the Thecus-Disk (iTunes Store, free software).

Source: PR


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