Thecus Launches Thecus Connect Live Information Tool

Thecus launched a great new feature and app called Thecus Connect which is compatible with all Thecus’ Linux-base NAS devices. The new Thecus Connect is a remote WiFi connection app that allows users to gain love access to their NAS unit, enabling them to monitor the most up-to-date information and notifications directly on their mobile device.

In its essence, Thecus Connect is a portable assistance tool for Thecus NAS that brings such features to the palm of your hand as turning network services on or off with basic controls or quickly act on smart alerts where the user immediately is notified when an issue should rise. It will also keep sending reminders until the issue is resolved, so you won’t forget about it even if you don’t have time to deal with it right away – including a detailed log history of major events.

The app will easily discover all Thecus NAS devices connected to your network with the smart discovery feature, allowing you to find your NAS by IP and keep a record of your connected NAS units for easier re-visits. The system monitoring feature allows you to receive life feed and up-to-date hardware information such as fan speeds and other relevant system information and network information. Even when not connected to network WiFi, you can still access the information via an Offline view (will be released at a later time). This provides you with one of the easiest ways to monitor your Thecus NAS’ and ensures that they’re running correctly at all times.

Thecus Connect is currently only supported by Android devices, but iOS devices will be supported too in the near future. Sadly, there is no news on support for Windows-Mobile-based devices yet, but one can hope that this will be added in the future too.

Bohs Hansen

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