Thecus TopTower N6850 6-Bay NAS Review

/ 5 years ago

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Earlier in the year when at CeBIT 2012 in Hanover, Germany, we got our first look over the new upcoming line of business-class NAS systems, to go along side Thecus’ Rackmount SMB solutions. In a similar fashion to Thecus’ SOHO and entry level SMB units, this new line of TopTower systems are all desktop sited and start off with one of Intel’s 2.6Ghz Pentium G620 offerings working their way up though the rankings via a Core i3 towards Intel’s Xeon E3-1225 CPU.

By now I’m sure you’ll understand that I have a high level of appreciation for Thecus systems due to their consistent ability to push out high levels of performance across the range. The new line of TopTower systems as we’ve highlighted are at a business-class level, so we can safely say that we will be expecting the same high performance levels when under test conditions, but also a robust build with a high level of quality as standard.

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The N6850 that we’ve got today is the smallest of the new line-up with 6 bays, whilst the larger towers grow to 8 and then 10 bays. There are a few features that we will see in a little more detail later on that these host such as RAID50 and space for a slim-line optical drive to be installed and as you would expect any features that you would find on SOHO systems are likely to feature here in some way, shape and form as well.

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