Thermalright upgrade the Archon CPU cooler

/ 6 years ago

The high performance “Archon” CPU cooler was introduced at the end of last year. With performance to rival the Silver Arrow when using only one 140mm fan the new upgraded efficiency 150mm fan is surely to bring about better performance. You can check out a review of the old revision of the Archon CPU cooler here. The rest of the core design remains the same: a 170 (H) x 155 (L) x 53 (W) mm aluminium heat sink single tower design with 6 nickel plated copper 6 mm heat pipes from a mirrored copper base.

The new fan is a 500-1100 RPM fan running at very quiet noise levels of 19 to 23 dBA and there is room to strap another fan to the other side of the tower for a push pull configuration to give even better thermal performance. The new revision Archon CPU cooler retails €52.90.










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