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Thermaltake 32GB 3200 MHZ Watercooled DDR4 Review



We recently swapped out our old Z370 test bench, and we’re now using a new X299 bench with the i9-9900K. This means our old results are no longer valid for comparison. As such, we’ve only tested a few kits so far, but still, it gives us a good impression of how the Thermaltake kit performed. For a 3200 MHz kit on the XMP profile, it’s right on the money, offering performance that’s on par with other 3200 MHz kits. Overclocking managed to take the kit to 3600 MHz. It’s not the strongest overclock ever, but still a 12.5% increase in speed above what the kit is rated for, so that’s nothing to complain about. This saw the Cinebench score go from 2037 to 2052, a modest increase, but still basically a free performance boost.


Again, right on the money with the performance. No big surprises, either good or bad, and that’s fine with me.

The latency is pretty decent too, but again, it’s right where we would expect it to be. It did drop to a more impressive 49.1 ms once overclocked though, which is a bit faster than some of the kits tested so far, albeit not by much.


WPrime delivered some strong results for the Thermaltake memory, offering up a time of 3 seconds at stock. This did increase which overclocked, but that’s a pretty common issue with any memory kit really.

3DMark Fire Strike

Using a custom run of 3DMark, focusing on only the Physics section of the test. We can see yet again, pretty consistent performance from this memory kit. It scored a reasonable 24583 points while at the XMP profile. However, overclocking pushed that score up to 24643.

PCMark 10 Productivity

Finally, we have the custom run of PCMark 10, this time focusing on the productivity suite of tests only. Here it scored an impressive 11900, which is pretty close to other kits tested, with the exception of the slower clocked Ballistix memory. However, once overclocked, the Thermaltake kit was ahead of the Ballistix despite having a comparatively lower overclock.

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Peter Donnell

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