Thermaltake adds watercooled GT Level 10 case amongst other watercooling products

/ 7 years ago

Thermaltake the cooling specialists have announced the updated version of the GT level 10 case, the GT Level 10 LCS is a GT level 10 case that comes with a pre-installed watercooling solution for either novice users or those looking for a no hassle water cooling solution.

It uses the new generation 5.25″ drive bay watercooling set up which has an all inclusive drive bay unit alongside an intelligent interconnecting waterblock which has a fully copper base to maximise heat dissappation.

The P500 pump pushes an impressive 500L of water an hour and is kept inside the drive bay unit and is cooled by a blue 120mm LED fan. The drive bay unit is collectively the “760 Bigwater Plus” and is pictured below:

Alongside those two products above Thermaltake also released the Bigwater A80 CPU water cooler all in one closed loop system. Which comes with a pure copper base, prefilled coolant and full Intel/AMD CPU compatability.

All of these products will be available from August.

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2 Responses to “Thermaltake adds watercooled GT Level 10 case amongst other watercooling products”
  1. Bonkai says:

    i really like the P500 pump, hope u will review that man

  2. gaetan says:

    Yep, certainly looks interesting

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