Thermaltake announce NiC and Water 3.0 CPU coolers at CES 2013

/ 5 years ago

As the only cooling reviewer here at eTeknix I have found myself inundated with the time-consuming task of trying to stay on top of all the latest CPU coolers coming out at CES 2013. More or less every company has released something new, which for me is great news because it means 2013 will get off to a good start and there will be tonnes of reviews to get through.

The first product that has caught my eye so far from CES 2013 comes from our friends over at Thermaltake. Thermaltake have released a brand new range of products which are right up my street, the new Thermaltake NiC (non interference coolers) series.


They may just seem like any other tower heatsink CPU cooler but I know Thermaltake have put in a lot more thought than that. All these CPU coolers have been designed to give RAM compatibility with all the current tall RAM modules on the market, so you don’t have to sacrifice your RAM to get decent cooling performance. The NiC series is formed of the F3, F4, C4, and C5, which have TDP ratings of 180W, 200W, 220W and 230W respectively.

The second product from Thermaltake that has caught my eye is the Water 3.0 coolers. Most people have probably heard of Thermaltakes Water 2.0 series by now, which offers extremely competent levels of performance using an Asetek design and Asetek parts. Thermaltake haven’t elaborated on what makes the Thermaltake Water 3.0 better than the Water 2.0 series, but we can safely assume the pump, fans and tubing have all been revised and improved, while the radiator looks more or less the same.


Image Credit: Tweak Town

We aren’t sure when the release date of these products are expected to arrive but stay tuned for more information on them and hopefully we will be able to show you some reviews in the very near future. In the meantime stay tuned for more news from CES 2013 here at eTeknix.


5 Responses to “Thermaltake announce NiC and Water 3.0 CPU coolers at CES 2013”
  1. Wayne says:

    Thermaltake’s portfolio is not half bad. From what I’ve seen their new ‘subdued’ cases look quite good. They’re a far cry from some of the dreadful looking eyesores like the level 10 case. Maybe they’ve realised that ostentatious & in your face doesn’t always cut it. Their new coolers do look well designed. Now if only they could do something about their unfortunate name & silly slogan…

  2. Michael Pahl says:

    three months later – still no release date?

  3. Alex says:

    I got Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme yesterday. And test it today and it provides good cooling. My cpu is AMD Phanom II 965 at 100% load on clock 4400mhz. is my max temperature 57 degrees celcius. Unlike the 2.0 has 3.0 a new 4.gen. water pump where they guarantee that each at least 50,000 hours. The pumps faster and more water through the cooling head … it comes with good fan control software where you can control both the pump speed and fan speed and can see the cpu temperature and fluid temperature. All in all a very good product..

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