Thermaltake Announce Water 3.0 Liquid CPU Coolers

/ 4 years ago

Thermaltake’s Water 2.0 series of liquid CPU coolers made their release back in June 2012 but since then they have fallen off the radar a bit, overshadowed by Corsair’s Hydro Series. That said, Thermaltake have revised their designs and come out with a new series, the Water 3.0 line of All In One Liquid CPU coolers.

The product line up is pretty similar to the previous Water 2.0 series with Performer, Pro and Extreme variants. The design of the Water 3.0 series is very similar with the only the pump unit having minor alterations to the design to improve efficiency and cooling. Other than that we see the usual copper base plate, integrated pump, integrated resevoir, low evaporation rubber tubing, aluminium radiators and a totally sealed design to prevent leakages.

Thermaltake’s Water 3.0 series comes with optional fan speed control and temperature monitoring software.

The Water 3.0 Extreme has a 240mm single thickness (27mm) radiator with a pair of 120mm fans. This particular product is targeting users with an ample amount of chassis space.

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The Water 3.0 Pro has a 120mm double thickness (49mm) radiator with a pair of 120mm fans. This product is targeting the mainstream case where you might not be able to fit a 240mm radiator in, yet it will still offer a very similar level of performance.


The Water 3.0 Performer has single thickness (25mm) radiator with a pair of 120mm fans. This product is Thermaltake’s entry level watercooling AIO system so is aimed at people who are new to the AIO world or just need something that is the most cost effective.


As far as pricing details go we expect similar pricing to the previous generation if not slightly cheaper. The Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme may quite a lot cheaper due to only having a single thickness radiator compared to the Water 2.0 Extreme which had a 1.5 thickness radiator. Availability will be around the end of June.

What are your thoughts on another Asetek based AIO product?

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  • d6bmg

    We should wait for the reviews before commenting anything on these coolers.

    • I have a review of the Thermaltake Water 3.0 Pro coming!

      • d6bmg

        Well, that’s great!!! Think about comparing them with other 120/140/240/280mm coolers. 🙂

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