Thermaltake CTE C750 TG Air Case Review

How Much Does it Cost?

Well, that is pretty surprising as just based on the amount of materials used I was expecting this to cost £250 easily enough. I mean, it’s a specialist product for a type of user that could drop £5-10K hardware into a case like this. So I am very pleasantly surprised to say it’s only £169.99 and even on sale for £159.99 at the time of writing. It’s available in Black here or in the Snow White edition here. However, there’s also an ARGB version which costs just £189.98 available in both black here and white here.


This is a surprisingly awesome PC case, and I say surprisingly as I was about ready to pan it just because it’s comically big. However, I have to admit that while it’s too big for my gaming space, there is a market out there for folks that require something bigger than a mid-tower. But who needs 420mm radiators? Or who needs 16 SSds, or 14 fans, or whatever you may ask, and the answer is likely very few people.

If you’re building a rig to do rendering, heavy calculations, compiling of scenes or transcoding, whatever really, then heat is going to be an issue for your PC. Running a massive CPU such as an AMD Threadripper, EPYC, or an Intel Xeon, maybe even two of them on a dual-socket motherboard, and running them HARD for days on end, it’s going to get hot. Throwing in a few enormous radiators and high-air pressure fans with all those large dust filters suddenly makes a lot of sense.

I mean, nothing is stopping you from throwing in 14 x 140mm ARGB fans, with TT Sync hooked up to your Alexa so you can listen to the radio while your case strobes away like the DJ booth at an 80s wedding. It’ll only cost you £461.86 to put in 14 of the flagship Riing Quad 14 TT Premium Fans, and I’m sure it would look freaking awesome. Liquid cooling is going to benefit hugely from all the intakes in this case too. Furthermore, it’s well suited to running multiple loops, should you wish to have separate cooling systems for the GPU, GPUs and even your storage.

The rotated motherboard design, the impressive all sides airflow in and then exhaust out of the top airflow pattern, the rotatable GPU mounting bracket, and internal cable routing for peripherals, display and more, the dual-chamber design with exceptional cable routing, and much more, all make this a really fun and interesting case to work with. Yes, it’s big, but the usability is exceptional, and the price is surprisingly affordable given just how much hardware you get for your investment.

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