Thermaltake eSports Shock One PC Headset Review

/ 5 years ago

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Tt eSports take their gaming peripherals seriously, firmly routed in the eSports culture and community, with amazing gaming products such as the Theron mouse, the Meka keyboard and a whole range of extras to accompany them that are all firm favourites in the gamers, both within the eSports community and people who play at home alike.  I’m a big fan of their gaming product so I’ve been really looking forward to trying out this headset given the companies gaming history.

I can’t sum up their passion for gaming better than they have them selves on the Tt eSports website

“Challenge is the game” highlights the philosophy to bring out gamers’ addiction in gaming and the ambition of reaching to the extreme. Tt eSPORTS, a gaming obsessed division from Thermaltake, is uniting gamers from all over the world in a unique & fascinating eSPORTS culture, inherited the spirits of Thermaltake, is an energetic, powerful, bold and intelligent challenger who never says “no” to the extreme competition.

With hardcore products like a gaming keyboard that cools your hands and pro gaming gloves for those long MMO / FPS gaming session, Thermaltake really have all the bases covered, bringing their experience of making PC Chassis, Coolers and Power Supplies, using all their experience in producing premium products to take them into the gaming market and carrying their already loyal fan base with them.

Come and read the next few pages if you want to find out how I got along after spending a week using the Tt eSports Shock One headset.

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