Thermaltake Global site hacked yesterday

/ 5 years ago

Hackings take place every day, they always seem so far away affecting sites we at eTeknix never really have to come into contact with. But just yesterday one of our partners, Thermaltake, had its global website hacked. Given we work with Thermaltake a lot, this was quite shocking news for us.

Thermaltake’s hacking incident was, unorthodox to say the least. Hackers normally hack to make statement, gain money, spread viruses and other things to that affect. However, with the Thermaltake Global hacking incident there was an image of a girl at the centre of the screen and the message “Hacked by Alerthack to you” was displayed several times.

It’s not really clear what kind of statement they were trying to make. And the hacking method seemed quite ancient-exploit-like to say the least, the site maintain full functionality and content except with the landing page image changed and some edited category headings. The hacked page stayed up for many hours before Thermaltake finally restored it to how it should be.

Thermaltake are yet to make an announcement about the incident, and its also worth pointing out it only affected the Global site. We also don’t think any Malware and viruses were distributed neither were any details leaked.

Thanks to NikkTech for the tip off

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