Thermaltake Media LAB Video Review

/ 8 years ago

Today we are looking at the Thermaltake Media Lab.

This is a front panel accessory for any avid media user. It’s aimed at the HTPC market and is the perfect addition to your setup, with the functionality of opening and controlling applications, and even turning your system on and off.



11 Responses to “Thermaltake Media LAB Video Review”
  1. razor1979 says:

    i saw your review on the Thermaltake Media LAB panel and thanks to your great review i order this for myself and i have to say its great once again many thanks for the great insight

  2. sushrukh says:

    I missed that somehow.Gonna give it a read now.Thanks. 🙂

  3. aruffell says:

    Glad you liked it razor, tis a great product sushrukh.Andy

  4. sushrukh says:

    Yeah i found that also.Thanks. 🙂

  5. razor1979 says:

    I'm still trying to get to grips with all of the features it has but i have to admit, its one of the best things i've bought in a long time.

  6. sushrukh says:

    Tell us how's that performing. 🙂

  7. razor1979 says:

    it seems to be working great for what i need it to do, guess im just lazy and being able to use the remote to control everything i need to do is great just need to get the tuner sorted and i will be there

  8. razor1979 says:

    i forgot to add i have only had it installed a few days so still getting to grips with it

  9. sushrukh says:

    Happy to know that you are satisfied with it.Thanks to Andy's review. 🙂

  10. razor1979 says:

    its what helped sware me to buying this one

  11. sushrukh says:

    razor1979;9398 wrote: its what helped sware me to buying this one

    Did u buy it already ? Tell me how it is.I'm thinking to buy one for myself too. 🙂

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