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Thermaltake Release Pacific PR32-D5/Plus Pump+Reservoir Combo

Thermaltake has announced the worldwide availability of its new Pacific PR32-D5 Pump & Reservoir Combo and Pacific PR12-D5 Plus Pump & Reservoir Combo. The new launch products, the new members of the Pacific PR series, include a pump and reservoir combo with and without RGB lighting effects; if users want to add some glitter or simplicity to their builds, the latest Pacific PR32-D5 and Pacific PR12-D5 Plus can fulfil their needs.

Thermaltake Pacific PR32-D5/Plus Pump+Reservoir Combo

The Pacific PR32-D5 is a non-RGB-designed pump, which inherits all the features of the previous Pacific PR32-D5 Plus but without the lighting effects. As an upgraded version of the Pacific PR22-D5, the parts of Pacific PR32-D5 are solely in colors of black and silver with no LED lighting to match our TOUGHFAN Series, which is an ideal option for users whose builds are in a calm tone and for those who are seeking simplicity. With a powerful pump, the coolant can circulate at a faster pace to cool down the system in a more effective manner. Besides, like the Pacific PR32-D5 Plus, the Pacific PR32-D5 is now one of the Thermaltake’s largest reservoirs in the collection; its 267 mm tall reservoir has a capacity of 400 ml, which can bear a maximum pressure of 50 PSI. It brings flexibility by featuring a 360-degree rotary cap, which allows users to adjust the positions of the G 1/4 thread ports with convenience while installing, especially when connecting tubes. Additionally, users can choose from installing the Pacific PR32-D5 with a mounting stand or with a bracket to be fitted onto a fan.

Coming in a relatively smaller size, the Thermaltake Pacific PR12-D5 Plus is a 196.7 mm tall reservoir with a capacity of 250 ml; not only is it suitable for small chassis, when placed in a large chassis, it releases extra space for more DIY styling, allowing users to add creativity with their builds. Its powerful pump head can push the coolant to reach up to 15 feet high at its maximum speed to guarantee a smooth water flow. Additionally, the Thermaltake Pacific PR12-D5 Plus brings both flexibility and convenience. Firstly, Pacific PR12-D5 Plus can be placed on a mounting stand or a bracket for fitting onto a fan. Secondly, it comes with a 360-degree rotary cap, users can easily adjust the position of the cap’s G 1/4 thread ports while building their system. What’s more, this product is perfect for RGB enthusiasts. There are 12 addressable LEDs on the rotary cap delivering 16.8 million color illumination, and they work with TT RGB PLUS 2.0 Software, Razer Chroma Lighting, Amazon Alexa, and TT AI Voice Control.


360° Rotary Cap
The 360-degree rotary cap allows users to adjust the positions of the G 1/4 thread ports even after it mounts to the chassis, providing more flexibility while building water-cooled builds.

Powerful Pump
The powerful pump head can push the coolant to reach up to 15 feet high at its maximum speed and provide a flow rate of 1135 liter per hour. 5 Level Speed control allows users to manually control the pump’s speed, switching the pump speed depending on the computer’s load.

Multiple Installation Option
Besides the standard reservoir and pump stand, the package includes a bracket that allows users to install Pacific PR32-D5 or Pacific PR12-D5 Plus on a fan, allowing users to enjoy water cooling with any chassis.

Colorful Lighting (Pacific PR12-D5 Plus only)
Shining through the rotary cap is 12 addressable LEDs allowing users to experience numerous lighting effects and 16.8 million color combinations through the TT RGB Plus software.

Price & Availability

Thermaltake has confirmed that both the Pacific PR32-D5 Pump & Reservoir Combo and Pacific PR12-D5 Plus Pump & Reservoir Combo are available to purchase now, with both units carrying an MSRP of €199.99. – If you do, therefore, want to learn more about these custom loop cooling solutions, you can check out the official product website links below:

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