Thermaltake pairs up with BMW’s Designworks once more

/ 6 years ago

CES 2012 starts tomorrow, although it hasn’t stopped companies from giving a preview to some reporters. Tom’s Hardware has had the chance to see exclusively a new product from Thermaltake, or rather it’s subdivision, Tt eSports.

Once again, a partnership with BMW’s Designworks USA is taking place, however it is not a new case that comes out of it, but rather a new mouse; the Level 10 M mouse.

As you can see by the picture, this mouse presents a rather unique design, but so did the Level 10 cases. A hollowed-out design takes place here, this feature allows for both height and angle adjustment of the mouse’s body.

By turning a screw on the top side of the mouse, the user will be able to adjust the size and shape of the mouse to fit best the style and allow for better gameplay.

In order to give some more comfort in long playing sessions, the palm surface is perforated to give a passive airflow.

Release date and price haven’t been given, but more will be given out during the week.


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