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Thermaltake Smart BM2 750w Power Supply Review

A Closer Look

Out of the box, the Thermaltake Smart BM2 has a nice weighty feel in the hand while offering sleek black aesthetics that should suit practically all tastes.

This power supply’s fan section has a nice large vented area with the fan sitting in a good central location. With the Thermaltake logo in the centre, this both looks and fits in well with the overall aesthetic of this design.

The rear vented area is excellent with practically the entire area open. As you can see below, the space has been fantastically utilized with only minimal areas around the mains power switch and power input not open for airflow.

As this is a semi-modular power supply, the cabling to power your motherboard and CPU come pre-attached. However, with several other ports available and well labelled, you shouldn’t have any difficulty both inserting and removing (if necessary) the additional cables.

The base of the power supply comes with a sticker listing all of this PSUs technical specifications. While this information will not be relevant to the mass majority of consumers, it’s still handily visible for those who need to know it (like me!).


Starting off with the pre-attached cables, coming in a black plastic wrap, they are flexible while feeling more than durable enough for general wear. In addition, and they are also surprisingly generous in length, meaning that cable management shouldn’t represent any problem here.

The modular cables come in a similar protective casing. In addition, they are also itemized to ensure you use the correct cable for the right component.

If I did have a mild grumble, it is the fact that the cable inputs are quite close together and, as such, things will get a little cramped if you have to utilize all ports. Like the cables though, these are all labelled to denote their usage meaning, pretty much, as long as you’re paying attention, you shouldn’t make any mistake here!

Internals – A Look Inside!

Starting with the fan, we can confirm that the Smart BM2 utilizes a Thermaltake TT-1425 design; a fan we have seen utilized within various other TT power supplies, and we’ve never failed to be impressed with its performance.

A look at the PCB reveals a very clean (and surprisingly compact) layout. All of the components are well spaced, however, and this should (all going well) lead to some nice cool airflow and, by proxy, low fan noise output.

We should note that white anti-vibration paste is visible in some areas, and, for some consumers, that is a cause for concern. However, given the limited space available, we’d have frankly been surprised if it wasn’t used within this PSU.

In regards to the main capacitor, we can confirm, as per Thermaltake’s claim, that this definitely is a Japanese design. Coming from ‘Nichicon’ and rated to 105C, this is exactly what you want to see in a quality power supply design!

Overall Thoughts!

Both inside and outside, the Thermaltake Smart BM2 appears to be an excellent power supply. Looks are, however, only aspect of this review. It’s also important to learn just how potent this is. So, let’s get this strapped onto our bench and run some tests! – But first, a little methodology!

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Mike Sanders

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