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Thermaltake Smart BM2 750w Power Supply Review

How Much Does it Cost?

The Thermaltake Smart BM2 750W power supply is currently available to purchase for a price in the region of £74.99. A price that is notably lower than when compared to other recognizable brands with similar features, and, as such, we can’t help but view this as excellent value for money based on the features you’re getting. Not to mention that 5-year warranty!


As entirely expected, the Thermaltake Smart BM2 ate up all of our tests with ease with no results provided to point any concern towards. If anything, and particularly so in the efficiency testing, this power supply managed to exceed our expectations for what is essentially just one small step up from what many would consider todays entry-point PSU area to be.

Practicality & Functionality

This power supply would be entirely suitable for the vast majority of PC systems, including even higher-specification gaming models. Its semi-modular design is, in our view, an entirely logical choice given that the cables provided will almost certainly be necessary for practically every consumer and with a decent selection of PCI-E/SATA/Molex adaptors on offer, the only people this possibly couldn’t work for are those who own monster-level PC designs.

Should I Buy One?

In our view, the Thermaltake Smart BM2 represents the perfect point at which consumers should be entering the PSU market. It packs all of the features you (should) want and massively exceeds the stated remit on the box in terms of efficiency. Trust us, if this were official ‘Gold’ efficiency rated (which was so very nearly proven in our testing), that price tag would increase by at least £20. So with that in mind, the Smart BM2 750W PSU is one of the best value-for-money models around at the moment while providing all the features the savvy power supply consumer should be looking for!

It calls itself ‘Smart’, and in our view, that sums this PSU up very well!

Thermaltake Smart BM2 750w Power Supply Review

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Mike Sanders

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