Thermaltake Smart BX1 RGB 550w Power Supply Review


Given that this is an 80PLUS Bronze power supply, there are very few requirements that this has to reach in terms of efficiency. The bronze rating has very specific requirements that basically means that efficiency should never dip below 81%. In other words, right off the box, this has to perform to a fairly high standard!

As can be seen in the results below, this power supply easily managed to meet that remit and is, by all intents and purposes, practically silver rated in our testing. While it doesn’t quite meet those requirements in the mid-level of testing, what we can say is that this performs well beyond the required remit of ‘Bronze’ standard!

PFC (Power Factor Correction)

Despite this being a rather inexpensive power supply, people shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that this will give below-par or disappointing results. Following up from the efficiency rating, the PFC levels are, again, remarkably high.

Averaging something around 0.95 is exceptionally good and shows a well designed product!

Voltage Regulation

In terms of voltage regulation, admittedly some of the results are a little inconsistent with what the realities should be. This does, however, only become a major concern when the results across different power levels become hugely inconsistent.

As can be seen below, while the outputs are (overall) a little higher than they should be, the results provided are all very similar. As such, while not perfect, it’s certainly not bad either!

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Mike Sanders

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