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Thermaltake TGM-V32 32″ Quad HD 170Hz Monitor Review

Display Analysis

The monitor came with a calibration report in the box, saying it was hitting 100% sRGB, 100% AdobeRGB and 95% DCI-P3 using a 7500K white point and 2.2 gamma in AdobeRGB mode. In default mode, the monitor uses sRGB which is best suited for SDR content anyway, and I hit pretty close to the specs even in that mode.

The stock gamma curve is close, coming in at 2.1, and the second mode closer to 2.2, but the difference is pretty minimal to the eye.

The grey ramp is very consistent, but a little on the cool side at 7600-7800K, but this is easily brought true by setting the monitor to the warm mode, which I think looks better than stock, but can be subjective.

The manual said it was factory-calibrated with an average delta-E of 1.51 with the settings previously mentioned, but I actually recorded an average of 0.93 using my own settings of sRGB and warm mode, but honestly, it’s hard for the untrained human eye to see much difference below Delta-E 3.0, so honestly, both work rather fantastic, and colours are very accurate.

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