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Thermaltake Toughfan 12 Review

With the recent release of the Toughfan 12 radiator fans, it seemed pretty clear that Thermaltake was going for an exceptionally no-nonsense professional design here. No RGB, no flashing lights, just straight-up performance from a fan designed to do just one thing. Move air quickly, efficiently, and quietly. Ok… three things!

Thermaltake Toughfan 12

Although we are always reluctant to drag other brands into our reviews by means of comparison, it would be too big of an elephant in the room if we did not mention the obvious here. Namely, that with the launch of the Toughfan 12, Thermaltake is very clearly taking a swing at creating their own version of a Noctua-style fan. Albeit, in coloring that is a lot more (arguably) attractive than cream and beige.

Coming with features and specifications that are pretty similar to Noctua’s fan designs, is the Toughfan 12, therefore, as good? Well, there’s only one way to find out!

What Does Thermaltake Have to Say?

“The TOUGHFAN is a PWM controlled fan which is designed to perform at a maximum operating speed of up to 2000 RPM allowing unparalleled cooling performance.

Featuring high tensile strength and low thermal expansion coefficient materials, the fan blade is built with special liquid crystal polymer (LCP), a compound which minimizes vibration when the fan is operating at full speed.”


For more in-depth details and specifications, you can check out the official Thermaltake product page via the link here!


  • PWM Controlled fan with maximum speed of 2000 RPM
  • Optimized second-generation hydraulic-bearings made from LCP material to reduce the vibration and improve stability
  • Uses metal-reinforced motor hub to ensure the superb precision
  • Ultra-tight tip clearance

The 2nd-Generation Hydraulic Bearing

As one of the key features of its design, Thermaltake is keen to emphasize that center of the fan is constructed with a full steel motor hub providing enhanced stability and durability.

Working in combination with their 2nd generation hydraulic bearing, this innovative design incorporates a new shaft design with inside etches allowing preservation of lubricant on both sides whilst reducing noise during operation.

Put simply, this new feature ensures that not only does the fan run whisper-quiet, but also that it will be capable of doing it for an exceptionally long period of run time. – Again, while not wanting to draw too many direct comparisons, it is for similar technological reasons that Noctua fans are so popular with consumers. With this design, however, Thermaltake found a way to replicate and/or improve this while coming at a notably lower price per fan.

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