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Thermaltake ToughPower SFX 450W Power Supply Review

Fan Speed

Although the Thermaltake ToughPower SFX doesn’t come with any manual ‘hybrid’ fan functionality, following our testing it seems pretty clear that it is definitely there, Rather than having a switch though, it would appear that it has instead been integrated into the overall design.

How do we know this? Well, when below 50% load, the fan simply didn’t deem it necessary to run at all. It was perfectly happy being passively cooled. Even when it did turn on, however, the highest result we recorded was still below 400RPM which clearly indicates that if you value low-noise output, that little 92mm fan does an amazingly good job at only running when needed, and when it is required to step up to the task, it can do so while barely making a whisper.

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Mike Sanders

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