Thermaltake V9 Black Edition Gaming Case Video Review

/ 8 years ago

Thermaltake have always been known for making some of the wackiest cases, with some of the best airflow features known to man.

They always try to do things bigger and better than anyone else, usually creating some very unique and easily identified cases in the process. Generally speaking, you will not find another product on the market similar, but then the V9 Black Edition gaming case landed with us.

At first glance however, I have to admit that the V9 looks strangely like the Antec Nine Hundred.

  • Leo Bien Durana

    This is one of my favorite cases when I was still in college. Remember buying the 9600GT over this one lol… *Damn Andy, You're not aging at all lol

  • aruffell

    Hahahaha, moisturise every day 😉 ha

  • Leo Bien Durana

    lol, that moisturizer surely costs a fortune 😀

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