Thieves Attempted to Use An iPod nano to Take Credit Card Information

/ 3 years ago


We’ve all been warned of the many ways thieves can take our card information from ATMs. There’s all the elaborate card readers, cameras and other devices that criminals secretly attach to cash machines in an attempt to take our card information. Never have we seen one like this though.

Greater Manchester Police have shared details of a plot by thieves involving an iPod nano taped to the top of a cash machine. The 5th generation of the nano came with a tiny camera on its rear – something the criminals thought would be useful in snatching card numbers as people used the machine.

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They taped up the iPod in a small box and attached it to the top of the machine. With the video recording, anyone that used the machine would expose their details to the camera, allowing the thieves to snatch the information.

The iPod in question is now in the possession of Greater Manchester Police and is being used to warn the public about this type of activity.

Source: Engadget

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