Guy Gets Nintendo Switch Early Has No Games to Play on It

/ 8 months ago

Nintendo Switch

We all know that the Nintendo Switch will be released worldwide on March 3, but it looks like a lucky NeoGAF user named hiphoptherobot has managed to get his hands on the new console much earlier. Indeed, his Switch pre-order arrived two weeks ahead of schedule, but the sad news is that he doesn’t have any games to play on it, and all he can do now is just flip through the menus. Of course, he could always go online and visit the Nintendo eShop, but that could potentially get the store that delivered the console in trouble, not to mention that his own hardware might just get banned for going online too early.

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Still, at least we can all have a look at the Switch’s menu system thanks to this shipping error, as hiphoptherobot posted a video in which he goes through the Switch’s setup process and looks at the News page. We also get to see the differences between dark and light themes, the resolution settings, a tutorial for detaching the Joy-con controllers, tutorials for taking screenshots, and the screenshot gallery. The video also shows off a minimalistic interface that seems to be a hybrid between Android UI and the menu found on PlayStation 4 consoles. Just have a look below for a short glimpse of a Nintendo Switch in action.

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