This is What Oblivion Would Look Like in UE5… OMG!

I’m a big fan of The Elder Scrolls series, and while I’ve put in lot of hours to Elder Scrolls Online and Skyrim in the last ten years, nothing tops how much time I sank into The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I lived and breathed that game for quite a large chunk of my adult life. However, I’m not quite as dedicated as Greg Coulthard, who has been working hard on the video below, reimagining The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in Unreal Engine 5, and the results are staggering.

Using assets from the original game, Greg has ported a lot of assets over to the new engine. Then he’s seriously gotten to work making things look their best. Firstly, they’ve implemented Nanite in almost all of the assets. Crazy Bump has been used on the cobblestone and path textures. Kuzja80’s 4x Texture Pack has been deployed to increase asset resolution. They’ve even ported in some of the original NPCs to give the demonstration a little life.

What’s impressive is that Greg ran this on an Intel 4770K with an NVIDIA 1660GTX (6GB) and 24Gb RAM and got around 30 FPS. It’s nice to see a tech demo and such a big visual upgrade that’s not just ragging flagship hardware. Unfortunately, Greg isn’t planning to release this to the public. However, keep in mind this isn’t a “game” but just a scene in the engine, really. All of the underlying workings aren’t there, it’s just a graphics thing.

What really pisses me off, however, is that Skyrim is constantly re-released, when an Oblivion Remaster is what we really need! Get on it Bethesda, please!

“Welcome to Tamriel! Discover the Imperial City and it’s surroundings in all their splendor. All assets / textures from the Original Oblivion game and some actors from Skyrim. Rendered in real-time on my 4770K, Nvidia 1660GTX (6gb) and 24Gb RAM. Averages 30 FPS. The face of the main character is mine (!) – converted to 3D using Avatar SDK. Some NPCs also have some faces from this tool. Please note that this is a showcase only. Nothing will be distributed. I’m just an Unreal / Oblivion passionate 😉 Please subscribe to be notified of future videos. And most of all, ENJOY :)” – Greg Coulthard

Peter Donnell

As a child still in my 30's, I spend my day combining my love of music and movies with a life-long passion for gaming, from arcade classics and retro consoles to the latest high-end PC and console games. So it's no wonder I write about tech and test the latest hardware while I enjoy my hobbies!

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