Thom Yorke May Have Earned up to $20m From BitTorrent Downloads in 2014

/ 3 years ago

thom yorke

Last year, Thom Yorke, lead singer of Radiohead, released his second solo album as a digital download through BitTorrent, and figures suggest he could have made up to $20 million from the endeavour.

Yorke released Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes as a BitTorrent Bundle, offering a digital download of the album for $6. The Bundle also contained an additional song and music video, both available for free, independent of the album. Reports say that there were 4.4 million downloads from the Bundle, but it is unclear as to whether that figure relates to album purchases or downloads of the free content.

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If the in-excess of 4 million downloads were $6 album sales, that would equate to over $20 million in total. Regardless, Thom Yorke has earned the distinction of being the most downloaded artist of 2014.

Source: Techspot

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