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Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller Review

For many games, millions of them actually, the stock controller that comes with their computer is more than enough. They’re often built to last a few years, don’t cost too much money to replace, and you know that pretty much everyone else is using the same. Of course, that’s not for everyone, and if you want a better experience, or even a technical advantage over your fellow gamers, then you’ll need to invest in a new controller. There are a few options out there, from brands like Scuf, Razer, Logitech and more. Now Thrustmaster is entering the battle with their new eSwap Pro controller, and it may be one of the most custom and modular controllers in years.

Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller

The controller is based around a hot-swappable modular design, much like the MadCatz Xbox 360 MLG Pro Controller, which I reviewed about 10 years ago, albeit we haven’t really seen anything similar since. You can pull out the analogue sticks, drop in new ones, move their position on the controller and… well… let’s just say you can do a hell of a lot more than that. Think of this as the controller equivalent of a flagship mechanical keyboard, and expect to pay a similar price too, with the base pack costing around £150 and then extras can add up fast. However, that’s still around the same price as other custom controllers, which don’t promise anywhere near as many features.


  • Fully modular professional gamepad
  • New next-generation (NXG) mini-sticks: a longer lifespan, and greater precision
  • Physical locking for triggers; direct remapping of rear buttons
  • T-MOD technology and Hot Swap feature lets you swap a module with any other — at any point in a game
  • Extremely high-precision modules and action buttons, with minimal response times
  • Unlimited ecosystem of modules (sold separately) for maximum versatility and constantly-improving gaming comfort
  • Free software for Xbox and PC (Windows 10) gamers: adjust all of the gamepad’s important settings (gaming presets, remapping, sensitivity, vibrations, etc.)

What Thrustmaster Had to Say

“Thrustmaster is thrilled to offer a brand-new piece of gaming gear for PS4 and PC: its first professional controller, designed for gamers looking to take their gaming to the next level, reach new heights of performance and achieve the best possible rankings. Featuring exclusive T-MOD technology, the eSwap Pro Controller has been developed to adapt to all gaming styles thanks to its completely modular ergonomics, industrial-grade components, dedicated configuration software for the controller, and an ecosystem of additional modules allowing for unlimited upgrading possibilities (sold separately). This product is an officially-licensed PlayStation 4 device, and is also compatible with PCs running Windows 10 (PC compatibility not tested or approved by Sony Interactive Entertainment). #NoBoostingRequired”

Product Trailer

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