Thrustmaster F1 Wireless PC Gamepad Ferrari 150th Italia Alonso Edition Review

/ 5 years ago

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Today we are taking a look at the F1 Wireless Ferrari 150th Italia  controller, Alonso Editon from Thrustmaster, a PC and Playstation 3 compatible analogue controller with a few twists in both style and functionality that certainly stands out from the standard controllers we generally see on the market.

Thrustmaster have been making gaming peripherals for both consoles and PC since the late 90’s, with plenty of experience is catering for both the premium range product market and the budget range alike, while this isn’t exactly either, falling into the upper end of the budget range, but also taking care of the specialist market with this limited run special edition controller, that I’m sure Thrustmaster hope will go down well with fans of F1, Ferrari and gaming alike.

Much like the Thrustmaster T500RS + F1 wheel we looked at recently, this takes further advantage of Thrustmaster exclusive Ferrari licence to bring us another unique product, but we’ll be taking a look at both its unique style and its performance today, to see if this controller can live up to both the Thrustmaster and the Ferrari name in terms of performance, so come and take a look at the next few pages to see just how this wireless controller holds up in our tests, where I will put it through its paces in some of today’s latest games.

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