Thrustmaster Ferrari PC Analogue Controller Review

/ 5 years ago

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Today we are taking a look at this stylish Thrustmaster Dual Analog 3, Ferrari branded analogue controller for pc.  Thrustmaster have been around since 1992 and have 20 years worth of experience in creating and manufacturing gaming peripherals for consoles and PC’s, with a range that spans the lower end and budget friendly side of things all the way up to premium and award-winning game peripherals that range up to the hundreds of pounds each.

About Thrustmaster

“Founded in 1992 and purchased by Guillemot Corporation in 1999, Thrustmaster has been proud to bring all of its know-how and technological expertise to the video game accessories market. For nearly twenty years, Thrustmaster has developed solutions to satisfy and entertain every type of gamer, by creating products for highly precise gaming experiences – such as racing wheels and joysticks – along with fun accessories for gaming console, as well as targeting essential needs such as storage and charging.

To increase the levels of realism and immersion to legendary gaming worlds, Thrustmaster has always put an emphasis developing products and accessories which benefit from prestigious licenses.

Reflecting its core values of “Passion ,Innovation and Quality,” Thrustmaster’s goal is to allow users to enjoy a genuinely exceptional experience with its products, and make their gaming dreams a reality.”

Today we’ll be taking a look at its style, build quality and performance in Race Driver: Grid and Fifa 12, so come and read the next few pages to find out how well, or of course not so well the Thrustmaster Dual Analog 3 fairs in our tests.

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