ThunderX3 TK25 Gaming Keyboard & TM20 Optical Mouse Review

/ 2 years ago

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A Closer Look – TK25 Keyboard

The box for the TK25 is pretty good, with a clear image of the keyboard on the front, as well as details of the 5 backlight modes.


Around the back, a technical breakdown of the features on offer, such as the dedicated multimedia and macro buttons; always a welcome bonus.


The overall design of the keyboard is certainly unique, with an enlarged chassis that provides a built-in wrist rest on the front edge, and a space at the left and top for added buttons.


Down the left side, you’ll find five G-keys, perfect for deploying macros and shortcuts. The WASD keys are highlighted with silver coloured caps, highlighting the gaming focus of the keyboard and adding a nice aesthetic touch to the layout.


A nice and fat space bar, giving excellent control space for those who do a lot of jumping in FPS titles.


A budget keyboard this may be, but lacking in features it is not! Right across the top, you’ll find three memory recall buttons for your profiles, as well as a few important shortcuts and master volume controls, which are always a welcome bonus on any keyboard.


On the right, more gaming focused key caps on the arrow keys, handy if you’re a lefty with the mouse. There’s also a full-size number pad, which is just as handy for gaming as it is for work. Finally, in the top right, a large button for cycling the built-in lighting modes.


Around the back, you’ll find a few small holes dotted around, as the keyboard is splash proof. If you spill your drink, it should drain right off and clean up easily enough.


One cool feature that I haven’t seen before are these funky dual feet. The inner foot kicks up, giving you a small height adjustment.


Need a little more? Kick up the larger feet and you’re good to go!


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