ThunderX3 TM60 Laser Gaming Mouse Review

/ 2 years ago

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A Closer Look

Initial impressions of the TM60 are extremely positive. The build quality obviously looks great, but it feels even better. The mouse has a really good weight to it and while it’s quite large and wide, this only brings benefits to those who use a palm rest play style. Of course, if you’re a hybrid/claw/fingertip grip player, take not of those lightly scooped side panels and extra soft rubber grips, as they really help you get a firm hold on the mouse, regardless of your play style.


Down the left side, you’ll find two well-placed side buttons, each has a really nice tactile click to them for good feedback while gaming.


The right side of the mouse has a removable hard plastic wing, which is contoured to provide a natural finger resting position. You’ll notice that the mouse is made up from multiple panels, each with a slightly different finish, which I think looks pretty cool, as it gives it a unique appearance.


The mouse wheel is huge, one of the largest we’ve seen and it’s extra wide too. The size of the wheel gives you excellent control over it and that’s enhanced even further by the soft rubber grip coating and light tactile bump when the wheel is rotated; perfect for gaming.


Here you can see just how wide the mouse is and you can also see how the aluminium chassis curves up at the front; the mouse wheel looks even bigger here too!


The base of the mouse is a single piece of brushed aluminium and when combined with the Teflon slipmats, it’s easy to see why this mouse glides so smoothly, despite the fact it has a little bit of a bulky weight (175g); I like a weighted mouse, but that’s obviously a subjective quality.


The palm rest panel is mounted securely, but you can pull it off without the use of tools to change it for the rubber grip panel.


The rather flexible rubber grip panel is really nice, as it’s absolutely massive and the squishy rubber texture on it means you can really dig your fingers in to get an uncompromising grip on the mouse; handy for lift-off techniques when using low-DPI settings.


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