Tizen OS Will Power Samsung’s Smart TVs This Year

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Samsung Electronics announced that all of their Smart TVs in 2015 will run on a new platform built around the Tizen operating system. Tizen is a standardized open-source platform that enables flexibility with even more content and devices and one that allows developers to easily create compatible content. This is the second mobile operating system after WebOS we’ve seen make the move to the Smart TVs in favour of the previous systems that really weren’t that smart.

“Building our Smart Platform around Tizen is a groundbreaking step towards a much more intelligent and integrated system,” said Won Jin Lee, Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “Tizen not only enriches the entertainment experience for our customers today, but unlocks great potential for the future in home entertainment.”

The new Tizen Smart TV interface uses a similar look to the one we’ve seen on WebOS, but it’s also one of the smartest ways to do it. Tizen powered TVs will also come with features such as WiFi Direct to stream from mobile devices and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) that can search for nearby compatible devices and create direct links for even easier control.

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Samsung has as always teamed up with partners to provide more content such as live sport events with smart overlays, Bingo HOME: Race to Earth game and Milk Video service. Also available is the cool PlayStation Now cloud-streaming where you don’t need any console to play. All it takes is connecting a Dualshock 4 controller with the TV (North America only as far as i know).

Thanks to Samsung for providing us with this information

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