Tony Swatton Completes The Final Fantasy VII Weapon Dream

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Tony Swatton is a blacksmith armorer with over 30 years experience and during those 30 years has made weapons for over 200 feature films. Tony is the main star and sword smith behind AWE me’s (Amaze, Wow, Educate ME) channel on Youtube, where he stars in his show called Man At Arms. The show’s premise is simple, make replica weapons from movies, comics, TV shows and video games, however these replicas aren’t like the ones you buy from your local shopping mall. These are properly forged weapons capable of slicing and dicing through anything.

Tony has so far made weapons from  The Hunger Games, Fire Emblem, Assassin’s Creed 4, Halloween, Avatar: The Last Airbender, League Of Legends, Bleach, Legend Of Zelda, Kick-Ass 2, The Wolverine, Skyrim, Thundercats, God Of War and many more. Now he has completed the dream of many who have played Final Fantasy VII and wanted to see the swords of Cloud and Sephiroth made in real life. Tony first started by forging a life-size Buster Sword, Cloud’s weapon of choice from Final Fantasy VII. The replica was amazingly designed and constructed, but it left many wondering if Tony would create the next iconic weapon from the Final Fantasy VII game, that being Sephiroth’s Masamune. Well you can rest easy because Tony has completed the set of two of the most iconic and big weapons from the J.R.P.G series. Watch the full episode of Tony forging the Masamune below.


To watch a full playlist of all the weapons Tony has created for Man At Arms don’t forget to subscribe to AWE ME and catch all the latest video’s, you never know one of your suggestions could make the next iconic weapon Tony creates.

Thank you Kotaku for the information provided

Image courtesy of Final Fantasy Wiki

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