Top 10 pirated film list updated

/ 5 years ago

As recent news suggests, piracy of films is an ever growing problem. Yet one thing that film piracy is a good indicator of, is film popularity (but not necessarily quality). When a film is free to download there is less incentive for the consumer to check if the film is good quality by reading reviews. But it remains a good indicator of popularity if someone will download it without really thinking about it too much then its because its popular for whatever reason.

The latest top 10 pirated films shows a mixture of films popular for their quality and films popular for some other reason (how hilariously bad they are..?).

The top 10 looks like this:

As you can see, generally good films make the top 10 based on quality – roughly reflected by the IMDB rating. Whereas “Freelancers” and “The Babymakers” probably made it onto there for the virality being hilariously bad. The top 10 is also more favourable of newer films, as shown by the fact the majority of the films on the list were released in the past year.


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