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Top 25 Worst Passwords From 2017 Are Revealed

Top 25 worst passwords of 2017!

The end of the year is fast approaching. As such, during this time, we get to see a lot of ‘best and worsts’ of the year. One of the more amusing aspects of this, however, is the worst passwords used.

Online security is a major factor in our lives today. It can, however, with so many accounts, often be difficult to remember those pesky passwords. Between Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Steam, Uplay, EA etc. to increase your security, you might often be tempted to reuse a password. Worse, for the sake of remembering, you might use a really terrible one.

Even the man who created the modern guidelines for passwords admits he didn’t quite get it right.

So, before you are again advised to change your passwords, check out the list of the top 25 worst passwords for 2017.

Do people really use these?

In a report via the Independent, we give you the 25 worst passwords of 2017.

  1. 123456 (Still top from 2016)
  2. password (unchanged)
  3. 12345678 (up one place – people clearly got more inventive)
  4. qwerty (up two places – an old chestnut here)
  5. 12345 (down two places – for the more lazy amoungst us)
  6. 123456789 (new entry – Ultra combo!)
  7. letmein (new entry)
  8. 1234567 (unchanged)
  9. football (down four places)
  10. iloveyou (new entry – sweet, but I would never say this to Facebook)
  11. admin (up four places – Presumably people logging into their router)
  12. welcome (unchanged)
  13. monkey (new entry and not a clue)
  14. login (down three places)
  15. abc123 (down one place)
  16. starwars (new entry)
  17. 123123 (new entry)
  18. dragon (up one place)
  19. passw0rd (down one place – Ahh yes, that zero will fool them!)
  20. master (up one place)
  21. hello (new entry)
  22. freedom (new entry)
  23. whatever (new entry)
  24. qazwsx (new entry)
  25. trustno1 (new entry – presumably for the more paranoid)

While you probably predicted at least half of these, the fact that they are still so popular is frankly boggling. It could perhaps be the reverse psychology of “well, being this simply no one would guess it”, I am somewhat doubtful though.

So how did you do? Are any of your passwords on that list? – Let us know in the comments. Just obviously don’t tell us which one!

Mike Sanders

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