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Top Spec Z590 Motherboards May Cost At Least $1,000!

It’s not exactly a secret that high-specification motherboards, and particularly those for Intel socket platforms (but admittedly, not always), often come with a pretty hefty price tag. – With the upcoming release of Z590 series designs, however, it seems that cost is definitely going to be a factor of consideration as with various partners already revealing the prices of their product range, it seems that a top-spec Z590 motherboard is likely to set to cost you at least $1,000.

Z590 Motherboards

Following price reveals from both MSI and ASUS, it has been confirmed that their top specification Z590 motherboards are going to carry around a 4-digit price tag. Starting with MSI, it has been confirmed that their ‘Godlike’ motherboard will cost $1,019. And for ASUS, well, I’m afraid the news doesn’t get any better as their recently launched MAXIMUS XIII EXTREME GLACIAL will cost around $1,800 (converted from Euro’s so this figure may be subject to a little adjustment).

What Do We Think?

It’s hard to deny that high-specification motherboards do often pack plenty of features to impress the enthusiast user. Given that it would appear that at least $1,000 will signify the ‘entry-level’ for top-tier designs, however, this is undoubtedly a very chunky bit of change! – Will they sell? Absolutely. Some people just love the level of performance offered by these high-spec designs and have the budget to suit. Will I be getting one, though? – Well… As much as I would like one, I think I’d prefer to keep both my kidneys!

What do you think? How much do you usually look to spend when you purchase a motherboard? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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