Tor Attack May Have Unmasked Dark Net Users

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Users who have been browsing Tor using The Tor Project might not be as hidden as they thought after developers of the software believe they have been attacked for the past 5 months.

The project have said that they believe the attack was designed to de-anonymise users however are currently unsure how users have been affected.

As Tor is used as an anonymous way to publish websites, keeping websites from search engines and also keeping users identities quiet, this could effectively make using Tor worthless.

The project halted the attacks on the 4th of July and think they might know are behind them.

Two security experts from Carnegie Mellon university have told the project that they had previously found flaws in the software and that these flaws had allowed them to unmask users. The Tor Project have been trying to contact the two experts in hope that the breach is coming from them as if not they do not know where the attacks have originated. The experts are currently keeping quite, not responding to emails.

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This comes soon after Russia’s interior ministry had announced a £65,000 prize to anyone who was able to crack users identities saying they want to use the information for their countries ‘defence and protection’

Thank you BBC News for providing us with this information

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