Torchlight II PC Review

/ 5 years ago

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This last couple of weeks I have been spending an immense amount of time getting lost in the world of Torchlight II. Torchlight II is the latest action RPG from Runic Games and is the sequel to their 2009 classis “Torchlight”.

There are no shortage of action role playing games on the market and it’s not uncommon for a lot of the games in this sector to be somewhat similar. Set in fantasy worlds of magic and swords, packed from end to end with hack and slash gameplay and a complex leveling up system. If that’s not your cup of tea, then you may not have much interest in Torchlight II.

Even with these similarities that you could pick and compare to anything from Diablo to World of Warcraft, there are plenty of reasons why torchlight II is worth checking out. Most importantly the range of updates and improvements the game has seen since the release of the original Torchlight.

For fans of the series and of course newcomers (like myself), can expect to find new classes, skills, six player online co-op gameplay, a more extensive game world and of course some improved graphics and general mechanics.

Today I will be looking at the PC (Steam) edition of the game and the developers were kind enough to send me over not one, but two copies of the title so that we could really get stuck into the co-op aspect of this title. So come and take a look at the next few pages while I take a look at the world of Torchlight II, its gameplay and most importantly for me, it’s co-op capabilities.

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