Toshiba Announces High-Speed Exceria Pro Memory Cards

/ 3 years ago

Toshiba EXCERIA Pro 32GB

Xiaomi’s VP Hugo Barra might try to convince you that SD storage shouldn’t be in smartphones as it is a too slow medium, but I strongly disagree with this and I’m sure Toshiba does so too.

Toshiba just released the proof that slow speeds and memory cards don’t need to go hand in hand with their new EXCERIA Pro SD memory cards and EXCERIA microSD memory cards.

The new EXCERIA Pro SD cards are intended for high-speed and high-resolution image capturing from 4K video and high-speed DSLR shots. With read speeds of up to 260 MB/s and write speeds up to 240 MB/s, the EXCERIA Pro SD card can transfer files in a fraction of the time otherwise needed. The Pro SD card is available in four capacities with the largest being 128GB.

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Toshiba EXCERIA 64GB

The EXCERIA microSD isn’t as fast as the PRO models, but still feature great read speeds up to 95MB/s and write speeds up to 60MB/s. They are designed for action camera adventurers, videographers, phones and tablets where it will keep your memories safe thanks to being both waterproof and X-ray proof.

The EXCERIA microSD card only comes with capacities up to 64GB, but that’s still a big improvement on the built-in memory you find in most smartphones.

Both types of cards come backed by a 5-year warranty. The EXCERIA Pro starts at $99.99 for 16GB and goes up to $699.99 for the 128GB model. The EXCERIA microSD card starts at $59.99 for 16GB capacity and goes up to $179.99 for the 64GB card.


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