Toshiba Announces Two New Enterprise SSDs

/ 3 years ago

toshiba 960gb

Toshiba is expanding their line of enterprise SSDs with two new series, the HK3R2 where the R stands for read intensive operations and the HK3E2 where the E stands for Endurance (and value). Both drives are 2.5-inch, 7mm drives based on the SATA3 standard and will help Toshiba to cover a wider variety of usage scenarios.

Both the HK3R2 series and the HK3E2 SSDs are equipped with power-loss and end-to-end data protection features and come with Toshiba’s Quadruple Swing-By Code (QSBCTM) error-correction technology (ECC). The drives incorporate in-house designs on the controller and use Toshiba’s 19nm second-generation MLC NAND flash memory.

toshiba 800gb

The Read-Intensive HK3R2 series is available in capacities of either 120GB, 240GB, 480GB or 960GB and is designed for read-intensive applications and workloads such as read caching, video streaming, and data storage. It has an endurance rating of one full drive writes per day for five years with a random 4KB enterprise workload.

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The Value-Endurance HK3E2 series is available in capacities of either 200GB, 400GB or 800GB and is designed for mainstream enterprise applications such as exchange mail servers, web servers, database servers, indexing servers and data center storage workloads. It can stand up to three full drive writes per day for a five-year period with random 4KB enterprise workload.


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