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Toshiba N300 10TB NAS HDD Review

Pricing and Final Thoughts

It is easy to get your hands on this HDD at the time of this review. It is widely available and ready to ship. For example, you can get it on Amazon for £249.96 in the UK (£64.67 discounted) and $274.61 in the US.

Final Thoughts

Toshiba is in no way behind the competition, even though the drive I tested today only features 10TB capacity. The N300 series is available with up to 14TB capacity.

Well, what is there to say. This is always a difficult part of the review. After all, it is a hard drive which we can’t say that much about other than the performance. So let us start with that. The drive delivered a good performance across the board, even if it didn’t take any top spots. It landed pretty much in the middle of the charts with a good score for a 10TB drive.

Toshiba designed then N300 series for usage in up to 8-bay enclosures and devices with a 24/7 uptime. That should satisfy pretty much all NAS users. Those who go above usually also opt to get full-fledged enterprise-grade drives. Compatibility and easy mounting are also ensured. Most of the common screw holes are present with 3 on each side and four on the bottom.

With a 180TB workload per year rating, the N300 should last you quite a while. That’s 18 complete writes to the drive per year. Most NAS setups don’t see a lot of writes after the first drive-write and overall perform more reads than writes.

Should I Purchase One?

If you’re looking for a good NAS drives with plenty of capacity, then you can’t go wrong with the Toshiba N300 series. It delivers what it promises.

Want To Know More?

I’ve also reviewed the 6TB version in the past. If you would like to have a look at that review too, you’ll find it here: Toshiba N300 6TB NAS HDD Review


  • Available with up to 14TB (Reviewed drive is only 10TB)
  • 7200 RPM spindle speed
  • 256MB cache
  • Supports up to 8-bay enclosures.
  • 24/7 certified
  • 180TB/year workload rating


  • The write speeds fell a little short in some of the tests

“Toshiba’s N300 series is well-designed and delivers what it promises. You get a great drive with a lot of capacity for your SOHO or SMB NAS.”

Thank you, Toshiba, for providing us with this sample.

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Bohs Hansen

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