Toshiba teases flashy Android 3.0 tablet

/ 7 years ago

The first Toshiba using a Tegra-2 processor was not that successful, in fact it only lasted a few weeks before being removed from most stores including PC World’s shelves. They certainly haven’t given up and have come back with vengeance to make sure everything works. It will include a 1280 * 800 pixel capacitive multitouch screen and of course it is still using NVIDIA’s dual-core Tegra 2 silicon processor, however now running Android 3.0. It also contains a 5MP camera on the back plus a 2MP for video chatting as well as the more standard HDMI out, USB and an SD slot.

Unfortunately connectivity is a bit limited with only WiFi and Bluetooth available, but the battery has been designed so it can be replaced.

Further details are a bit scarce, but it is liable to cost less than Motorola’s Xoom which is of a similar spec and already available. Check out Toshiba’s teaser site now, ‘unless you’re browsing on an iDevice, that is.’ Toshiba has helpfully reminded us that certain platforms still can’t browse the whole internet.

Image courtesy of AllThingsD

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