Toshiba Unveils SSDs with 15nm TLC NAND Flash Memory

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Just in case you were looking for a brand new high-performance SSD, you should know that Toshiba has just revealed the launch of its “SG5 series.” What makes these SSDs special when compared to other similar products is the fact that they integrate NAND chips created using 15nm TLC process technology. The products will become available in two different form factors, namely 2.5-types and M.2 2280 (single- and double-sided). It’s also worth noting that the SG5 series will include large capacity models of up to 1024GB, which should definitely appeal to those of you who are looking for incredibly fast read speeds without sacrificing on storage space. Other available capacities include 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. Performance-wise, we’re talking about sequential write speeds of 388 MB/s and sequential read speeds of 545 MB/s.

Toshiba Unveils SSDs with 15nm TLC NAND Flash Memory (3)

The SG5 also incorporates the company’s proprietary QSBC (Quadruple Swing-By Code) error-correction technology, which makes sure to protect your precious data from corruption thus guaranteeing a high degree of reliability. Obviously, this is a very nice feature to have, especially for your own peace of mind. Below you will find a complete list of specifications for this new Toshiba SSD series. Make sure to let us know what you think about these products so far. Would you install one in your own rig?

Toshiba Unveils SSDs with 15nm TLC NAND Flash Memory (1)

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