Toshiba’s latest TV is both glasses-free 3D and 4K resolution capable

/ 6 years ago

Presented at the IFA last month, it has also been presented during the CEATEC in Japan, Toshiba’s latest glasses-free 3D capable TV: the Regza 55×3.

To tell the truth it’s currently restricted to 1280×720, although it was mentioned that an optional input adapter (THC-MBA1) is due out in 2012 and should allow for a 4K resolution (around 3840×2160), currently being tested.

Another feature accompanying the glasses-free technology is the incorporation of face tracking technologies allowing for a wider audience of up to nine viewers simultaneously for better 3D rendering (depending on where the viewer is sitting).

A release date of December for Europe was given, while none was provided for the US, the Regza 55×3 should come roughly at around $10,000. At this price point, I doubt a precise price is really necessary.


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